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February 8, 2010


by jhon baker

 I’ve opted to eliminate references to living people when they arise in my poetry – at least when they arrive unexpectedly and are being shown in a truthful but painful light. I’ve no interest in relieving myself of pain or memory discomfort at the expense of another even when it is justified. I tend toward the teaching: do nothing now that the wise would later censure – and I think the wise would censure causing hurt reciprocally.

for __________

the sun coming through the window has
             always surprised me.
the dreams I wake from and the
quietnesses of the house, surprise me.

my youth has always surprised me.
the length and brevity of night or the onset
            of dawn’s intrusion, love itself
has always surprised me.

the suddenness of beauty and breath
have always surprised me.
that we are still children too young for death
           with bones too old
for roller coasters, surprise me.

night only now and after dinner already.
this tiredness and joy of invention
     surprise me.
this poem, borne out of your lies has
wholly surprised me.

–  I wrote this

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