by jhon baker

I’ve lowered my standards,
the problem might be that I had them in the first place.
you easily forget when you were at your best
in endless pursuit to surmount each previous work
and your output dwindles until you are
only writing fifty poems a year
which I guess is fine
though it is easier to say more if so inclined
and uninhibited
by meaningless constraints and various medications.

but don’t worry,
I’m still on the medications.

– Hoc Scripsi

5 Comments to “standards”

  1. I know the feeling.. maybe I never had any “writing” standards.. I don’t rightly know
    (can i point out a wee typo- “and you output dwindles until you are”.. should it be, ..”and your..”
    (please feel free to delete this comment)

    • Thank you for pointing that out. Typed it out twice with the same typo! My problem was that I constructed a mean set of constraints until I was unable to really create anything and I found myself stripping those away one day to simply create again. I think these new poems stand quite well.

      • You have so much talent, you are well read, your vocabulary is head & shoulders above many I read.. You doubt your words..let them stand tall..

  2. Standards and I seem to have been in an ongoing losing battle all of 2012. I finally gave up and sold them to the trannyminions on Ebay for glitter and cigarettes. They were clogging up my fountain pens and crusting up my paintbrushes. May 2013 bring us both lower standards and higher volumes.

    • It doesn’t surprise me in the least that we have found the same issues and the same resolution to them. This will be a more productive year for the both of us – I can feel it.

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