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March 28, 2011

Let us talk, communicate via things I wonder about everyone

by jhon baker

I decided last night, or rather the insomniac morning at four-fourteen am that I could or should come up with a few leading questions and ask for responses – like a quiz – the rules are simple – answer what you want if you want – in the comments or on your blog to perpetuate the idea. If you participate, please leave the link in my comments section. I will answer at a later date but all my answers are known already by me so there will be no cheating off others papers.
Oh, I do not think that the answers to these will really tell me anything beyond what your answer is at the moment you write it. There is no one question that leads to the profound truth about a persons person.

1. Do you write in the margins of books?
     a. if so, what do you write,
     b. if not, why not?

2. How particular are you about your clothing?

3. Do you listen to music when you write/draw/paint/do what it is you like to do?
     a. if so, what?
     b. if not, okay then, next question.

4. Do you intentionally or mistakenly mix metaphors?

5. Do you finish more than seventy-two percent of what you read?
      a. please approximate how much.

6. What are your personal feelings about cliche?
     a. realize that it is cliche to hate them before you answer.

7. Do you use a thesaurus?
     a. If yes, how many different kinds do you have?
     b. if no, how many different kinds are you hiding?

8. What is your preference:
     a. a frog reading a book paperweight, or
     b. a monkey reading a book paperweight

9. what are your vices?
     a. what are your real vices?

10. If you came across a bag of money, no-one around for miles, how would you justify taking it and not reporting it to anyone?

11. if the coffee barista never charges you for your really fucking expensive drink, how long do you wait before insisting on paying or do you just keep the latte train rolling?

12. How do you sleep at night living in a world without Don LaFontaine?

13. How much research do you put into a statement before making an ass out of yourself in front of someone else who knows better.

14. Define theft.

15. Define theft as it applies to you.

16. Define honesty.

17. define how you want it to apply to others about you.

18. quick, how many fingers am I holding up?

19. This being the last question as asking 20 goes against my sadistic tendencies (I know there are the OCD sufferers out there reading this)  I will ask, simply, if you only have 30 seconds to make a permanent judgment about a man – what would your criteria be – is it the same for a woman?

21. kidding. lying. What is your most harmful obsession?

ah, that was fun and slightly inane.

May 14, 2010

morning Babble

by jhon baker

five thirty this morning I started my day. By six am I was making paper airplanes.
My sons first paper airplane was completed today and he learns the lesson again of practice practice practice. This lesson in life cannot be learned enough, it lessens the burden of disappointment when things doing go as well as we had hoped.
I always walk up to this keyboard with nothing on my mind to say and today is no different. A large part of this is that writing here is usually the first thing I do after making coffee, half written before the coffee is ready I tend to fade in and out of consciousness while I am writing. This leads to interesting tangents on most days and others a garbled mess that I don’t go back to reread. This is the price of a daily blog- the admittance that I cannot find a way in everyday, and there are bad weeks but I try to walk away from those intact.


Because I am no more beautiful
    than you,
my tenderness is forgotten
my holy love is scattered across
with only ___________ driving me ahead.

And this is old.
this is the last thought of a 23-year-old man.
Discovered a decade later during a
time of low productivity,
(without which it would not have been discovered)
and since they say you can never go home.
I won’t.

 – Hoc Scripsi

Hey, let the bells ring.

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