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November 1, 2011

This and more

by jhon baker

This poem is better represented in the now available copy of ‘gypsy bars, back alleys and one way streets‘ from Free Penny Press. Download your own copy – link to it on FB and Google+ – tweet it – nominate for various prizes and print copies to hand out to friends and lovers.


you are my own brother

– For MC


you are my own brother.


my AIDS stricken angel.


a heartbreak.



I’ve come to find

I’ve always loved you

and out love flow thick

through shared veins.


could I promise you a rose garden?

or no, a field of daisies and sunflowers.



you cannot help but be beautiful

and lovely

in summer hats

still dancing

under umbrellas in the rain.


– Hoc Scripsi

September 30, 2011

A good day for a few links

by jhon baker

One of the most loving things I have ever read

take it to the pamphlets and soon Guerilla pamphlets #15 are both VERY good bets

Take it to the streets poetry – many good links here for many good volumes

Get a subscription here if you can

Always a good site

Newer press but they accept some excellent work

keep checking this store for when it opens – if you want something you’ll have to beat me to it!

another of his links

good reading in general


okay – that’s enough for today –

but lastly – it’s older than most being posted here lately but I like it.


dying roses are not broken promises


literal or not

we bled on pages

and pages and

pages of uncertain poetry.

women bleed with efficiency.


dying roses are not

broken promises as

are crumbling petals

no longer red.


– Hoc Scripsi


okay – I’m adding one today – don’t be a bully – this isn’t poetry, it’s about bullying and a very very deeply affecting story beginning on sept 24th post – read though from there to the most current – you won’t regret it and I wept openly.

June 5, 2011

Day of days

by jhon baker

Garcia Lorca, born today, today I love you, like everyday but today I weep for this love and its end on a moonless night.
a short vignette of sorts…

Garcia Lorca, my Federico – a poet born to violent end
we sing you, decorate your memory with flowers
we sing you and your thousand gypsy songs
we sing you, we sing you a myriad of songs and stars
caught in the heavens looking down

on a completely different subject depending on ones point of view

AIDS is first reported in 1981 and today is that anniversary (30th) – today I love but not love AIDS – today I weep, profoundly – I think of artists, musicians, dancers, lovers and free men and woman all dying or dead of a disease whose name was never spoken by the elected leader of the time – such ignorance and more research put into the common cold than in research for what was killing and would kill – a fantastically dreaded disease which eats not only at the body but at the mind, soul and spirit.
I was born before AIDS but in large it has defined parts of my life, touched others and, if I can say it, graced the rest.

and Micael, Micael… O, now forever on this day shall I think of you, dance to your being – 

June 2, 2011

a day in the life

by jhon baker

was with the same insurance company for about 14 years on the cars and cycle. Last August when I bought a new bike they quoted me three times what the same policy had cost four years before on a then new bike of the same make and model – I didn’t go with them on that – when it came time for house and renter property insurance I went with the same company and although I thought it was high I went with it because what the fuck did I know – well just switched away from them and saved on the cars and houses about 1600 a year – haven’t switched the Harley insurance because as of right now I am insuring through Harley and who knows motorcycles better then they?WIth the former company I insured through they would up my premiums every six months and I had to call and negoiate the rates back down and usually prevailed in getting them lower than they were the 6 months previous – yea for me but what a waste of time every six months.
Lesson – want to save money? shop around the insurance and give the big names a try – they will surprise you. I did not go with any company that hadn’t been in the business for decades – nor did I go with any that advertised any specific or non-binding % off current coverage.

That is enough about the business side of life…

on the more fun side I have been on a lego building kick for a few weeks and am about to complete the Death Star which I received as a gift two Christmases ago. I love Lego and couldn’t think of any better way to wind down the extremely busy weeks that have compromised the last two months – well, Lego and going to the range tomorrow with a good friend, Kevin. We are partners in pain – physical pain, not mental – physical which fucks with us mentally continually.

Not the best poet and certainly not nearly as entertaining as Pearl or Micael – but it will have to do.

a poem perhaps?

only sleep eases pain
only sleep eases pain
pain defines.
joy, happiness, collusion
love even distrust,
having dreams, night terrors, delusions.
all are unknown in entirety.
“how perfectly goddamned delightful it is
to be sure.”
every moments considered
length is by pains
varying degree.
 – Hoc Scripsi
May 9, 2011

by jhon baker

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