A good day for a few links

by jhon baker

One of the most loving things I have ever read

take it to the pamphlets and soon Guerilla pamphlets #15 are both VERY good bets

Take it to the streets poetry – many good links here for many good volumes

Get a subscription here if you can

Always a good site

Newer press but they accept some excellent work

keep checking this store for when it opens – if you want something you’ll have to beat me to it!

another of his links

good reading in general


okay – that’s enough for today –

but lastly – it’s older than most being posted here lately but I like it.


dying roses are not broken promises


literal or not

we bled on pages

and pages and

pages of uncertain poetry.

women bleed with efficiency.


dying roses are not

broken promises as

are crumbling petals

no longer red.


– Hoc Scripsi


okay – I’m adding one today – don’t be a bully – this isn’t poetry, it’s about bullying and a very very deeply affecting story beginning on sept 24th post – read though from there to the most current – you won’t regret it and I wept openly.

3 Comments to “A good day for a few links”

  1. Thanks for the shout out !!!!

    that poem just slaps you with awareness..

    (Thank you for being a consistent contributor to tittsp. Ever wonder who is sitting somewhere with a copy of The NEXXUSS and reads your words? Tres’ Cool)

  2. Crumbling petals may no longer be red, but I find them far more beautiful than Queen garden perfection.

  3. “Queen’s”

    Damn it.

    So much for being poetic.

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