hey man, nice title

by jhon baker

It passed into midnight and that is what the date bears.

Have this yet?

one poem in that collection begins….

Stuck outside under an umbrella  ….

you’ll have to go there and download it to read the rest.

– Jhon

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3 Comments to “hey man, nice title”

  1. Jhon, I read the majority of these and must say that I truly enjoyed it. I’m not a huge fan of poetry but when I read yours it was very real, and very down to earth. And the cover really does fit in with it so well. Congrats on gaining a new reading fan!!!

  2. I’m also not a huge fan of all poetry. However, I’ve liked almost everything I’ve ever read of yours.
    Hope things are going well Jhon…

  3. Thank you both – I find it quite an honor that my work has been able to speak to you.

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