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January 3, 2012

My truck is broken

by jhon baker

Sitting in the Hospital now with my MIL getting her daily infusion of antibiotics I am reminded that I am going to give up a vice soon. Smoking. We will see how that goes as my commitment is only to the money I’ll save and the example I’ll set for my boy. Problem being that I like to smoke, enjoy it most of the time but winter makes it hard to enjoy as we do not smoke inside the house out of respect for our son and cats – they’ve opted to not smoke so why should we be damaging their lungs – we are already corrupting them mentally and emotionally – why physically as well?

I am also thinking of my Ford F150 is not running correctly – badly in fact. Pretty sure that I’ve blown another coil, maybe two and that this will cost me a few hundred dollars at least and be a complete pain in the ass for the next day or so. I’ve been thinking of getting a newer vehicle, something lower to the ground and better on the pocketbook in terms of fueling costs and the truck isn’t making it easy for me to keep it. Is it a sign? probably no, if anything it is a sign that the feelings of the truck are hurt by my indecision about replacing it – mostly on the side of drive it into the ground but I don’t like it when they start to cost money for repairs.

a link: poetry another link: more than just poetry but my poetry

go to that link – read a bit, fall in love with my poem and others – print out a few copies and hand them out to complete strangers for nothing but the joy of force feeding people the beauty that exists around them always.

Where was I? In hospital, thinking of my truck and health in general, and then poetry always comes at odd times and sometimes like an erection in church, unwelcome and possibly improper. But for this we are thankful which is what makes it the most odd – thankful that poetry in the mind is like the massive erection in church or the day you decided to not wear underwear in jr high and had to go to the blackboard after rubbing the wrong/right way, laughter ensues and the pink never leaves your cheeks again so you grow a beard in your freshman year and learn to tolerate or kill, at least maim a little.

but that never happened to me.

I saw it on television which is as good as a memory of your own.

this post has no direction.

My MIL has been stripped half naked in the infusion lab for an impromptu change of her wound dressing because her wound vac wouldn’t shut up which is because it wasn’t actually working – only pretending. Poor woman.

time to go smoke.

March 30, 2010

too beautiful

by jhon baker

Happy birthday Van Gogh, born in 1853. I wonder why all my Heroes are supposedly mentally unstable? Van Gogh was simply too beautiful for this world. I think that the mentally unstable are not so, just able to see the world with different eyes. Well, maybe only the creative ones. There are people who are effing nuts and should be locked away with electrocution on a daily basis or whatever it takes to make them become overly fond of a reclining chair and day time television.

one of my favorite paintings.
there are a lot of favorite Van Gogh, in love with your brush stroke and colors since I turned about 4ish.
thank you.
I often wonder at the fragility of the self in the mind of others. I am not sure I care as I am able to not. Although I was kicked out of the drama club for being strange and I went to a fairly liberal HS. Anyway…
 This last one is my painting from a few years ago titled ‘funeral for a friend’ – I am thinking now that I should use my own paintings for my impending books cover.  I had e-mailed Chelsea Martin about it as I like what she does but now I am thinking differently. She does great work by the way which I will attest to as I’ve recently legally acquired a few of her books. In ‘everything was fine until whatever’ I like the small little poems at the bottom of the pages – not all though pages though, some are lacking fine printing.
The photograph isn’t as good as the painting, the black is reflective and has given the painting a false texture. Then again, I’ve seen some of my favorite Van Gogh paintings in person and those photos do not do justice to the actual painting either. I am not saying that I am a Van Gogh. I am a Jhon Baker.
Beethoven string quartets now, I cannot cope with Ludwig though. Simply his work invades me in such a manner that I lose time.
early memories of erections  I sometimes miss the fat
lunch ladies from grade school
with their tiny feet

sporting vans and moo-moo
dresses behind cheap
pizza stained aprons.
two brunettes and a blonde
flowing hair hidden under plastic caps;
hair, which I once saw, revealed
at the grocery store with my mother;
where I accidently fawned,
where my mother scolded me
for staring, she knew
how I secretly wanted.
the thought disgusted her
but I still think of them
fondly. their great warmth
and large flesh.
– I wrote this

the thing I like most about being home is my coffee. I make the best coffee on the planet. This can be attested to by several friends, Physical terrorists (therapists), nurses, and my wife. I was trained by two different coffee companies to make coffee and I have now created my own method that is far superior for the home brewer. being out of the house is becoming increasingly difficult. This may be impounded that I don’t leave the house much so I am becoming accustomed only my coffee and only my wife’s food and only my opinions (and my wife’s as well). That and I think most people are assholes and not caring to surround myself with assholes it is simply easier to stay at home.

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