see, it was like this when…

by jhon baker

There isn’t anything better to do in an infusion lab than to surf the internet or sit here and write a blog post. I have had enough of surfing as there are too many waves that crash me and cause undo pressure on my brain – there is only so much I can learn and I prefer everything I learn have to do with my areas of interest – for those I have books and experience, these being the doors of true freedom.

Today my keep of classical music fills the infusion lab – Bach, two part invention BMV 772 no. 1 in C major and soon onto another but for now this is what it is.

I could go walking in the hospital and see how many surgeons are about and engage them in conversation about poetry – philosophy – blood; the typical elements of good conversation. I could go to the cafeteria and indulge in sugary pastries and see how long it takes for me to get ill and shake uncontrollably, I could go bother the security and behave suspiciously – but all of this will only land in different areas of trouble.

For another topic and stop me if you’ve heard this one… never mind – I think you have.

One Comment to “see, it was like this when…”

  1. Hang in there my friend. Call if there’s anything you need, or want, and I will do my best to provide. And if the hospital is where we hang out when we get together, they better have acceptable coffee.

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