there isn’t poetry in this post

by jhon baker

Paul Simon is on the radio and was preceded by Buffalo Springfield. Sitting at a hospital and waiting for the IV infusion to complete is not the most interesting thing I’ve planned into my day but it is not the most uninteresting thing either.

Last night while journaling I decided to simply write what ever I heard in my head – it isn’t the first time I’ve done this and I usually only do it every time I forget that there is no narrative to the voices

“I like that old time Rock and Roll” sung without any irony.

or dreams of close eyes just before bed contemplation. Interesting disconnectedness to it. Sometimes flow of consciousness isn’t going to be any good – or sometimes it is good and most of the time it is disjointed and sad.

phil collins now and I think the disc Jockey must be schizophrenic as there is no sense to the selected song list – Elton John earlier.

I’ve never really cared for radio save the classical station – WFMT – of which I am a member and it plays constantly in my car. Radio seems either to play to the vox popoli or a far too specific cast of listeners – as I am not a member of the VP – I am a member of a specific cast of listeners – those who listen to classical and jazz mostly so I don’t get exposed to a lot of current but the current makes me want a whiskey and water.

The patient falls asleep in her barcalounger while hooked into IV antibiotics. a severe lack of anything interesting for me while I have my computer must be mind bogglingly boring for her without any entertainment except for the schizophrenic radio DJ. The radio DJ brags about playing pop, rock and soul and he forgets to mention crap and filler and bad radio commercials.



2 Comments to “there isn’t poetry in this post”

  1. I think your DJ is working here out of Waco, too. The big stereo keeps coming on (full blast, mind you – three times now) to the most bizarre collection of crap if ever there was. We’ve had In the Air Tonight, I Want Candy, Word Up, Edge of Seventeen, Crazy Train and some Debbie Gibson this morning… I go in there and shut it off and not 20 minutes later either Mr. Denman or my sister (or who the hell knows) turn it back on…

  2. I have not turned on a radio(car or otherwise) in years,,true.. cd or now, itouch hooked up in car..
    i stopped listening when I realized it’s all a fecken mo racket and only play the”big named” ones and leave the up & coming artists begging for 3 minutes of air play..

    and if I heard songs such as “Janies got a gun”, “Hotel California” or anything by Whitesnake again I do think I will smash the radio..

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