early sunrise

by jhon baker

I prefer an easterly sun before I go to bed.

I prefer a smashed finger before a project is finished.

I prefer coffee hot.

I prefer sex sweaty.

I prefer a major fourth under a sharp sixth.

I prefer to lie on my back in the gutter, looking out to the stars.



Ursa minor

these are things of dreams and sailor visions

– Hoc scripsi


4 Comments to “early sunrise”

  1. This is perfection, Jhon.

  2. The last time I saw those things from a gutter, it was right before I passed out in my own spew.
    Nice one jhon.
    Hey! I’m not around for a bit and you moved on me…

  3. I like a minor fall with a major lift. Lovely.

  4. awesome !!!
    Nice expressions

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