New around here

by jhon baker

This is my inaugural post on WordPress under the address instead of the old standby –

I am unsatisfied with how the old blog downloaded with extra characters and all but we shall see what becomes of this in time.

for now there is a poem lurking in my head, somewhere…



small black fly praying

on white ceiling

casting a small shadow

of prayer

– Hoc Scripsi


One Comment to “New around here”

  1. Good to see you here as well. And I fixed the spelling of your name. Don’t know how I managed to fuck that one up – am usually really good about not doing that as my own is forever misspelled.

    As for the import – I don’t know if you downloaded and uploaded your Blogger – or if you used the auto feature. I had all the weird characters on mine too initially using the auto button – but I then removed all that and actually imported the XML file and (for the most part) it seems to have formatted properly.

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