this makes 4 in a year.

by jhon baker

All the raccoons seem to die in my backyard. There are now two perished which I will have to bury later today. K came in the bedroom weeping over the deaths. She is a mother and feels for the mother and children of all animals. Her compassion, sometimes hidden, has always made her beautiful.

nature has a way of knocking the wind out of you.

Ukulele’s are a blast to play.

County stickers are due to be on vehicles today – I suppose I ought to go get one or two.

I’ve no interest in the goings on of wall street thought, again, I ought.

Now I need some wood, paint and a few other things that will go unmentioned as they are interesting only to myself and voyeurs.

3 Comments to “this makes 4 in a year.”

  1. I've got a motherless raccoon in my neighborhood, I swear it is not eating properly, lookin a bit skinny. The mother was shot up by a off duty police officer a month ago. I think I'll drop a few peanut butter sandwiches in the trash when I get home.

    city stickers are such a drag.

  2. We get a lot of hedgehogs snuffling around, but they usually go back into the woods.
    So sad after your last post.

  3. I'm a voyeur.. well not really but it sounds interesting..

    poor baby raccoon.. we have baby squirrels in the park at my job.. they like me and vice versa..

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