Focus on the writing

by jhon baker

Things are starting to get easier – I think. I may have a cold or allergies – probably allergies but the sandbox is finished and beautiful. I have to recharge the air filters on my motorcycle and truck and finish the application for disability and SSI – these are both things I’ve been putting off but can no longer.


the madman levels his rifle
in calm calculus
bright cloudless day
78 degrees F (23 c).

7.62x54R forced from the barrel
spinning in terminal glory.

the poet stands, taciturn,
in the street with notebook
pencil to paper
calm calculus
accepting and falls to
his knees. Last poem penned
in darkest red.
78 degrees F (23 c)

 – Hoc Scripsi


2 Comments to “Focus on the writing”

  1. wow, I lov eit. Very cold & clinical mixed in with passion.

  2. i enjoy the gun slinging poet juxtaposition

    both dangerous

    both lethal, words & bullets

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