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June 3, 2011

The death of Dr. K

by jhon baker

Well, the right to death with appropriate dignity champion is gone and there is no one to take the mantle, who would? I can champion the right for others and possibly myself to die but there are no initials after my name, there are none that would find comfort in my own method of passing before God sees fit to do it on his/her own.
I’m thinking a .380 or a 9mm – nothing bigger or smaller as that would be messier than necessary or potentially ineffective. Nothing would be worse than dying in a mental institution for the suicidal – being grouped around the ineffective teenage angst of daddy doesn’t get me or mommy wants me to pee sitting only – I would reccomend that you have pity on your loved ones and cover the joint in plastic and call 911 right before you pull the trigger.
Most people would want to go the good doctors way – peacefully and loaded on pain killers.
I just want to go out suddenly but I have a facination with being assassinated and my mother drempt of it and my son dreams of it – I wouldn’t mind going out like that – like an honest poet.
The last poet to be gunned down was WIllie Lee Bell Jr – in front of his Florida night club – Before that Garcia Lorca who is my own hero – just give me a government to stand against… oh, yeah, I have that – only it is better than Franco while being as deceiving as Castro at times.
oops – I may lose all followers for that one… Maybe I ought to admit I voted for him as well, maybe I ought to admit that he has been a disappointment but possibly still better than the given alternative but this is about assisted suicide and the right to end our own lives.

June 3, 2011

Holy Allen

by jhon baker

Happy birthday Holy Allen, Happy birthday Josephine,

may your poems and songs in heaven reach here where your voices are still needed most

the good doctor, dead today, heart stopped and body preparing for rest

today I go out shooting guns and laying waste at ranges to celebrate second amendment

remembering Holy Allen, Josephine and now the good Doctor…

we will all meet in Heaven if that be where I end.

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