what is that wetness??

by jhon baker

abrupt wake up in where I considered shooting my wife’s cat. Little bastard pissed on my blanket to awaken me – which is odd as I don’t feed them – ever. That is K’s responsibility – I clean out the litter box and pet them – one sleeps on me sometimes and is my buddy (he had never pissed on my blanket which ended up on my foot), good cat he is.
I’ll have to dig it up and finish it sometime today but I once wrote a little thing about cleaning up after the cats, a miserable job but I have the olfactory senses that allow me to be instantly reminded to get it done asap.
Having a great sense of smell is not a blessing though, I also have olfactory hallucinations where at any time I will smell something so powerfully it makes me light headed – sometimes it’s all roses and candy or chicken – other times it’s all feces and rot. I’ve sussed no pattern to it.

I’ve only six followers here – why? I only blog when I feel like it and the public is fickle, they want entertainment every day or they forget you exist. that is okay, this is a place for me to write and sharing is a sideline because I somehow feel better about it once I’ve hit “publish post”.

3 Comments to “what is that wetness??”

  1. exclusive Jhon content.

    our damn dog has peed on our bed before, I was so mad. seeped through the sheets all the way to the mattress. My partner Aaron has the gift of smell, comes into our place Joan Crawford style everyday claiming he smells pee. uggh. drives me nutz

  2. I have olfactory hallucinations also. Olfactory hallucinations is a symptom of temporal lobe epilsey. I was shocked when I told the doctor thinking it was part of my bipolar to find out and be tested for something else and actually have something else. On top of bipolar. (yuck). I really hate the smells and like you have to be extra careful with the cat box.

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