Listening to Nick Cave and I couldn’t be happier about the rain

by jhon baker

Target shooting this morning, indoors at my favorite range – going with my favorite girl and my favorite pistol. The inspiration for Guernica was laid today in typical bloodbath inspirational fashion.

One of my favorite paintings – another one would be Van Gogh’s wheat field with crows painted shortly before his death – arguably his final painting.

This weekend there will be a family reunion of sorts in NC – memorializing the death of my very good friend and confidant – Aunt Kathryn. I’ve two siblings – A brother (an Actor of Theatre Undreground fame (yes, that is the spelling)) and a sister of Denver Co. Vet tech profession. She will be going while I am sure my brother will be home holding down the fort of my fathers business.
one and a half days there only and I wish death had better timing that we (K, Jackson and I) could spend more time.
I’ll be doing a reading of the last poem I sent to her and the last paragraph of the letter the poem was sent in. I still am unable to properly quantify the loss as I continue to write her letters that I am unable to send. They will be hand delivered to her in Heaven should I be able.

the poem to be read:

the artist dreams of nightsong and thinks of his paintings
 – For Aunt Kathryn

I wish the birds would sing
in the middle of the night
in winter,
though the windows are never open.

I wish the birds would sing in winter
though I stoop to pet a plant
inadvertently knocking over a light fixture.

I wish the birds would sing
in the middle of the night,
lights low, the party over
and missing every painting I’ve ever sold.

I wish the birds would sing
in the middle of the night
in winter,
though purple flowers want their bloom

 – Jhon Baker

I’ll later post the ending of the letter but as of now I am intertwined in memory and bereft with melancholy.

4 Comments to “Listening to Nick Cave and I couldn’t be happier about the rain”

  1. I love Nick Cave. saw him last year at the Riviera.

    sorry for your loss, I can tell you loved her.

  2. So Did I – see nick Cave that is at the Riviera – Loudest show I've ever seen – also, it was awesome. Thank you for your words.

  3. I think this is a great piece of poetry. Why, it is so written from your heart. It flows very well. keep written Jhon. I don''t know exactly what I believe spiritual but who ever knows and better if it gives you peace of mind. Take Care and try to have the best time you can have. Thinking , about you and I'm getting better to revise my shit letters and rewrite them. Wanting my letter to speak from the heart and soul. I'm sure you miss that connection from your Aunt and deserve it! Peace to you and your family.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes, Jhon. I wish, too…


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