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April 17, 2011

but, Jhon, what have you been doing with your time?

by jhon baker

Dear Jhon,
     It has  come to our attention that you have not been keeping up on your blog. The one that over a year ago you vowed to keep up nearly daily, the platitudes of willful resemblance. I can only hope that you recall the blog that I am talking about. After thorough research we have found that you have not been writing at another blog or moonlighting with a clandestine blog, so the short of it is – what have you been doing with this so called poetry blog lately?

all the readers you lost due to your inability to continue writing something here on a daily basis – not like it’s hard mind you – just something.

Dear Reader,
I’ve been busy writing and breathing, AKA – the only two things I do well by any measure – although, I’ve taken up smoking again so I am not so sure on the breathing part.
I realize that some of you have been clawing at the walls for more poetry and I assure that the previous posts poem isn’t an anomaly as of late – I have been writing and coming up with new things to compose – only I haven’t wanted to share here – I want to share through other publications so my energy has been placed there.

 yours, Jhon

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