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February 27, 2011


by jhon baker
 my breath stinks
 my armpits smell
 my stomach aches
 I am not the man I thought I was
 better to be dead
 then have to spend a
 lifetime dying. but
 I’d be awkward as anyone
 else in anyother life
 so there is only
 this and
 with all,
 it perseveres.
 I cannot wash the
 stain of maleness
 off my clothes
 I am not the man I ought to have been
 only recently realizing
 that I have to obliterate all
 that should not be known
 or read, less it be known
 and read.
 and still,
 my breath stinks,
 my armpits smell.
 my stomach aches.
  - Hoc Scripsi
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