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January 24, 2011


by jhon baker

This is a direct quote taken from their user agreement:

You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In addition:

  1. For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (“IP content”), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (“IP License”). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

It is for this reason that I am going to be ending my relationship with facebook as I have concern over their utilizing my intellectual property and copyrighted works for their own monetary gain – more so that they can sub-license (this means to a third party) without notification, permission or acknowledgment. The obvious question to me would then be “have they done so to my works” – not that I know of, but I cannot be sure as they are not required to report this activity to me.
A light example would be – while using facebook – have you ever seen a friends photo or avatar on an ad saying something along the lines of – “so and so likes this – do you?” – those ads are paid for, facebook sees monetary gain, the friend of yours did not. In an article on Mark Zuckerburg in Time Magazine they talked about how facebook has revolutionized the advertising market with its ability to target consumers directly for companies based on their likes and dislikes – no big deal, it’s actually a little smart – they then use this same information about their users to sell this marketing, advertise it on facebook directly to you, in hopes that you will click on the link because your friend did so. In addition they sell this information, using your photos, other images, words, statements, your copyrights and allow it to be used for further marketing by third party companies – not as small of a deal and while clever, totally evil.
it is possible that while I use facebook you could see an ad for some company – say Pepsi or Coke or that says – “when life gives you lemons, shut up and eat your lemons. drink 7up” This would normally be in direct violation of my copyright, registered copyright and even not copyrighted it would still hold copyright status anyway – and I would be able to sue the living wallet from them and recoup my dignity. With facebook’s user agreement containing the statement above – I would be unable to do that as they would have been able to license this major phrase from facebook for facebook’s monetary gain while not even acknowledging I exist. All I can do in this world is protect my self, my family and my creations from those that would mean themselves gain by our harm. I have weapons in the house for such abuses from criminals but no such redress with facebook.
For those seeking out irony in my direct quote – it falls under the purview of fair-use as outlined by copyright law and subsequent statutes.
When in college I studied copyright law – not because I wanted to be a lawyer, but because I wanted to be able to protect myself from lawyers. In saying that, as funny as it is – my best friend is a lawyer – and a damn fine one at that.
facebook can get away with this because, among many reasons, it counts on its users not actually taking the time to read through the plethora of agreement for use of facebook. They are correct in assuming that the vast majority of us would never read such a thing and if we tried – become too bored with it to finish. I didn’t even read all of it – just enough to learn that I don’t want to be party to an advertising company without my direct consent and applicable royalties paid. Having used facebook as long as I have I am embarrassed to have not read it, I even read cell phone contracts.
A friend sent a link to an article dealing with the following issue – facebook needs some or most of this permission to be able to host your images and other content and to do so worldwide. This is true, however, if they were not intending to use this same content for their own personal corporate gain (which is now a company traded with foreign investors only) they would state that. It would be a simple addendum to the existing language to say that they will not seek gain by your intellectual property and that they can be held liable if they do – but the language is written specifically so that they can seek all the gain they can sell easily.

or maybe I’m just paranoid.

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it feels good to be ahead of the curve on this!

January 23, 2011

Sunday and just a few things

by jhon baker

To begin, I thought  I would post a few links back to older posts that I liked or that I want you to like and read if you haven’t.

A recent post – one that I truly love and if you haven’t read it, please do. A note from K
why don’t they shoot more poets?
When life gives you lemons, shot up and eat your lemons
being shot is not an everyday thing, but it doesn’t surprise me.
stunned and lovely

that is all – I am sure that this is too much, but it is hard for us crazy people to control ourselves and I don’t come here for control.

To end, at Rabbit’s Creative Den there is a question regarding where we write and I thought it best to refer to an old post covering this topic but add a few more photographs to that – of the remainder of the room.

an old view from before I moved the typewriter – but it gets most of the room.
A current view of where I sit and type – sans chair in this photo.
view from the door – also sans chair.
here’s one with my chair – it isn’t too comfortable as I don’t want to get lazy while being engaged.
Any questions? The photos contain every thing from a Dictionary, A WCW collection, an LCP .380, Gibson les paul custom, dean 12 string, Other reference materials, couch, painting of mine, Various typewriters (total of 3 – one is under a cover on the bottom shelf of the book case.
I will be changing my desk soon, so I can move a typewriter down to the coffee bar/library room and have more storage for reference materials. The room is always in some state of flux and more so when I am spending the appropriate amount of time in it. 
Other wise – this is where I usually write my blog – other times I bring the laptop to the garage or the writing room. Rarely anywhere else – except for notes of course.
The last place I do any writing should look familiar to most of you…
January 22, 2011

Post 300 and it’s nothing special.

by jhon baker

I like to write letters. I like to write them with my 1983 IBM Selectric III. It is not that I am of another, former, school or that I feel this connection to other notables who used similar machines, I simply get more out of the experience as it is tactile, auditory, visual, visceral, emotionally invested, and so on – This is my pleasure. I also get from this a poetry of substance as poetry often fills parts of the letters, written as I type and sometimes good and sometimes not, the whole process lubricates the synapse and fingers. Allows new ideas to come.
So, this I propose – I have had a few pen-pals the last few years but I am down to my last and she is no longer able to respond to my letters, she is reaching the end of her life, I already miss her terribly. My heart breaks even to consider a world without her direct influence. I am not looking for a replacement, there could be no replacing my current, when she goes into a place where there is no pain, I believe that I will continue to write to her anyway – I’ll just have no-where to send the physical letter to anymore.
I would like to have other letter friends, communicating in the old way and helping the USPS (if you are in the Americas) or who ever does your post at the same time. Would there be any takers among you? You do not need a typewriter or even nice paper. Long hand works well as does printed out from the computer. The key is that it is mailed and it is thought out somewhat. The key is a quality communication.
If you would like to write to me – I will respond, it will be typed, it may have poetry, there may be misspelled words and bad sentences – there may be disorganized thought and sporadic insanities – one can never tell. But it will always be honest and unvarnished. Also, sometimes I draw on the paper if it sits in front of me long enough before getting into an envelope. Not that I can draw worth a damn – but it may be interesting.

Any takers? if so, e-mail me and I will give you my physical address. I promise any sent letter will garner a response be it one sentence or four pages of them. Who knows – this may become a thing.

January 21, 2011

AND NOW a word from K, my wife, on what it’s like to support/live with a writer

by jhon baker

This post in in response to the ‘significant other blogfest’ The theme of which is “what it is like to support/live with a writer’.
Written by K., My wife, partner, lover, ardent supporter and needed critic —
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In true Jhon fashion, he signed me up for this without actually asking my permission.  It’s always so grand to put someone ‘on the spot’ that hates being anywhere near the center of attention.  Well – in the “public center’ anyways – at home I like to be what is first and foremost on J’s mind.  
I love that he calls me K and I call him J.  It is something very ‘us’ – and should not be invaded upon by anyone else.   To everyone else, I am Kara.  Kara – with the first “a” being long and the second “a” being short.  I would hate for anyone reading to have the wrong pronunciation of my name going through his or her mind. Yes, I am extremely territorial, hardheaded and opinionated.
What is it like being the ‘significant other’ of a writer?  Hmm, well that seems to be too narrow of a question, as I cannot separate the writer Jhon from the rest of him.  The title of ‘writer’ makes up who he is – just as does friend, husband, father, lover.
He does have those ‘things’ that only writers have – always carrying around a moleskin and pencil (has since I met him 11 years ago), scraps of papers, napkins, receipts filled with ideas, no book he reads goes unblemished of notes, idea and wandering thoughts. When he has a thought – he must put it to paper – no matter where or when – even mid-conversation (at which point I am shushed or a ‘wait” finger goes up.)  Sometimes I am surprised that he waits until we’re done ‘recreating’ before getting out that little black notebook.  I try not to be offended when that  ‘thought’ he must just put to paper has nothing to do with the love making that just transpired.
A ‘must’ on our list when looking for a house to spend the rest of our lives in – was that it must have a room just for him to write in.  Of course that room is more than just a place to write – it is a sanctuary to meditate, breathe, create, read,  study, and sometimes watch Family Guy.   It is where all of the typewriters are kept.  He prefers to type the old – fashioned way, which is highly romantic, and sometime a bit on the loud side.  I have only myself to blame for that as the first Birthday gift I gave him was a typewriter I rescued from a resale shop.
Jhon is inspired by everything around him – and sees things so differently from most – and this really comes through in his writing, music and art.  He feels with such depths of his heart and soul  – and is such a wonderful and good human being.  His thirst for knowledge is astounding –and I don’t think it will ever be quenched.  At any given moment he is in the middle of reading 2 or 3 books, several magazines, researching his latest obsession online, and of course keeping up with what you all are up to in the blogging world.  I must admit that some of the blogs out there bug the hell out of me – and I don’t see the point of them really – other than being romance novel sort of entertainment or on the lines of hustler.  I’ve never been a romance novel reader or an ‘adult magazine’ connoisseur – and the point of networking through such sites is – well a little beyond me.   But sometimes one does have to stretch outside the box to become more recognized.
Of course, there are the times when Jhon is extremely hard on himself; does not like anything he’s written and can’t stand to read his own work any more.  Aren’t we all our own worst critics?  If we weren’t we would never strive to be better and continue to learn.  I always try to be as supportive as possible.  I think Jhon’s a positively brilliant writer – and I probably don’t tell him that enough. 
I try to support – by keeping him well fed, well sexed, being aware of his needs – to know when to leave him the hell alone, and getting him a pair of clean socks everyday.
            As his wife, the one who knows him best, I have the distinct honor of getting to read almost all of his work – and have read more than anyone else.  I love having the chance to be his editor and agent.  It takes me a while to digest and to really be able to comment – which I think, drives him nuts sometimes.  But, it is an always-honest review of what he has written.  It speaks volumes of our relationship that he is able to take criticism from me, and even advice on how maybe to change things. 
            Jhon’s love of learning is truly an inspiration for me to keep learning as well.  It also inspires our son to love learning – it is wonderful that he already has such a love for the written word, writing his own poems and stories just like Daddy.  Jhon is a renaissance man – with so many passions in this life.  At times such a seemingly contradictory man, a Buddhist, a gun owner, an animal lover, a human rights advocate, a PTO Co-President.  Well, I guess the the only contradiction here is ‘gun owner.” But, he also love knives, too. (I forgot Biker!)
            This seems to have been a ramble of sorts – it’s always been very difficult for me to pinpoint my feelings about Jhon – they are so overwhelming – as I am so in love with him.  He’s my best friend –  and through everything we’ve been through over the past 11 years – nothing will ever come between us.  Being a writer is just who Jhon is – has always been – since forever.  He has overcome so many obstacles to get to where he is today – a very respected writer.  It’s hard to believe that anyone could have ever told him that he was not smart enough – just goes to prove that our past is what makes us what we are today.  
            And on one final note – one of Jhon’s favorite stores in Chicago – right down State Street from the Art Institute happens to be Blicks. (We went there after our first trip to the Art Institute together.)  I have been witness to Jhon’s wholehearted generosity more than once in the past years – and it always amazes me to be in the presence of such an Angel.  He’s my Angel  – and I would not be here without him. I only hope to be as good of a person as he is one day.   Through his writing, I hope that his light will shine on you as well.
January 21, 2011

by jhon baker

It was -25 this morning with the wind chill. So I went for a motorcycle ride. I died.

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