Sunday from the fantastic world of – I haven’t made the second pot of coffee yet and this may well be the result. I think I need a smoke…

by jhon baker

I awoke from a dream to the scent of K making Lasagna for a Christmas party dinner. It is a departure from the Roast that she usually makes. I like both and understand that they both take a lot of effort, I don’t cook anymore. I wasn’t very good at it in comparison to K and I think that she enjoys it most days – on the days she doesn’t I take her out. Simple, I think, but I may be fooled.
This year I think the three of us all wanted lasagna, bread and salad. Such a good meal.

I don’t recall the dream – it was inconsequential which is odd for it to not have been either a nightmare or a night terror.

We made perfect love and I slept great.

Today is our first celebratory day of Christmas – is it wrong that I am looking forward to the end of it? I want to see everyone but I don’t care for the stress of it – the whole house becomes a little more tense and preferably these walls are a sanctuary. Is it tacky if next year I rent out a small hall, make it a themed costume party and write up a bunch of trivia? Mind you this is a party for my parents, brother and his family, also my sister if she was in town but she isn’t and it is more her loss than ours, not saying it wouldn’t be nice to have her here, most certainly it would be but we’ve all grown used to our current customs and damn the earlier ones that involved me leaving on Christmas day.
I am looking forward to seeing my nephews – awkward teenagers always make me laugh.

I’ve made the coffee and now it is all about waiting.

I think I may start listing Coffee and Cigarettes under the medications heading in the form fill box on insurance applications. With the list filled with other meds they may not notice and they have medicinal value to me.
I don’t think it’ll be appreciated with the low cost/high value insurance I want.

I was going to put a poem up but I have to go clean something now. They are my parents coming after all. I’ll throw one up later, probably something old, potentially already posted much earlier in my blogs life which most of you are probably unfamiliar with anyway, so we all win.
I think starting tomorrow I am going to start putting up excerpts from a long poem of mine that has yet to see any publishing or attempts at publishing. Still a long work in progress but we will have to wait and see.

don’t forget my birthday is coming up and I expect a lot of really expensive gifts.

7 Comments to “Sunday from the fantastic world of – I haven’t made the second pot of coffee yet and this may well be the result. I think I need a smoke…”

  1. Your expensive gift is in the post. Hope the Royal Mail gets it to you on time!

  2. Good luck with that low cost/high coverage insurance! Full disclosure may not be the way to go. So funny!

    I have a 14 year old grandson …. who makes me laugh ..

  3. I enjoy the “season” as much as the next person, but I'd just as soon miss the entire month. It's just too busy… And those songs! When will they stop?

  4. That's right your Birthday is the day.. so in light of the economy how about I record my version of “Oh come all ye faithful”?..complete with Alabama lit by way of California and now layered with lazy Floridian slurs..Yes?

    I too will be most happy this time next week.. Enjoy that good lasagna. Told your wife was an angel!!

  5. i think that a themed costume party is absolutely the way to go. sounds way better than the stress & cleaning that the holidays typically bring to a household.

  6. I'm no angel, but I make a mean lasagna.

  7. I would have to disagree about the angel part – the lasagna part though – damn fine food, I am looking forward to the leftovers.

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