December, snow, ice and the general good time with whiskey

by jhon baker

Apparently the 44″ snow thrower attached to the front of my John Deer is going to come in handy tonight and through the weekend. Also of use will be the seed spreader that pulls behind filled with ice melter.
December already and it’s going to be a white my birthday.

This is for Troy

1. the bending of steel

a love of hard liquor.
rifles, shotguns, pistols

men were bound by
thinner threads then these.

2. hammering to form

a love of hard liquor.
rifles, shotguns, pistols

man’s bind was broken by
thinner threads than these.

3. the fine blade

the eyes and body move
of a naked dancing muse.

man’s mind was broken by
thinner threads than these

 – Hoc Scripsi

I am looking at the Magpie image and thinking now; I am looking at my own door, painted red with window, and thinking casually.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and seeing some quality writing and some not so much. I comment on about 1/3rd of what I am reading as time does not allow for expression and reciprocation on everyone’s thoughts. On need to get back to Rabbit on his poetry as I said I would and am still pounding through the fall of man.
This blog needs more energy – needs more poetry while it is looking like I will finish the year slightly ahead of where I was last year. A good thing but I can see where I didn’t use all of my time wisely.

Almost nap time.

This above poem was written for Troy, because without him it would not have been written. Although it has been turned down by two publishers I believe it to be a solid poem and have high hope for it over the next few months.
Any publisher that reads me and wants it may use it with notification.

ad a good breakfast with a friend this morning with coffee that rivals the best of normal coffee houses – she only need a better coffee maker to bring it to the next level. Good range of topics covered and I left before I may have gotten boring immediately following saying some profound things. To include, on the subject of the impossibility of perfection or an impossible definition of perfection as to human achievement – If I am the sum of my life’s experiences, then I am perfect as I am. Some may say that leaves no room for improvement, but I counter that with I am only talking about now, not what is possible with the possibility of tomorrow.

Putting Sparklehorse’s last album to play I am now going to close my eyes and pull the night mask on. The safety word is “revenge”

 – J.

4 Comments to “December, snow, ice and the general good time with whiskey”

  1. The poem is great! I don't see why anyone would find it any other way.

  2. i read this earlier and have been ruminating on it all day….

    i wanted to thank you for opening up my mind — i'm finding it hard to reconcile love, poetry and guns — but i appreciate the opportunity to grow.

    which probably sounds really weird and possibly offensive but…there you have it (and it isn't intended to be either of those)


  3. You're a very talented man. That's all I have to say.


  4. Thinking about whiskey.. while in Nawlins I so idled away the afternoons with Jack in a glass..straight.. cowboy style.. must admit rather refreshing..
    ok.. sorry for the self plug..
    First, you on a mower with a snow blower? That I would like to see. do you carry a gun? just in case?

    The poems: The Fine Blade is locked in my brain… astounding words Jhon…

    (I do apologize for the page length comment)

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