11/24/2010 ramble

by jhon baker

I’m getting drunk off coffee (which, for the initiate, means that I am all jittery and my heart is palpating without there being someone naked in the room), outside it is raining and I believe that it is going to freeze tonight. For once I’ve opted to have order out delivery pizza instead of something that we could have had much cheaper by just opening the fridge and doing a little heating and no it wasn’t my turn to cook – just do the dishes which I’ll bet my wife is wondering why they still aren’t done at 6:30 pm.
Today I shelled out more than asked for to have someone do my fall cleanup (there are a lot of fucking trees in my yard as I’ve mentioned before) – this year I allowed them all to accumulate while I did nothing and was waiting for a stretch of really nice days to break out the tractor and mulch them all into oblivion. No nice days and I will still have to take out the tractor to remove the mowing deck and install the awesome two stage snow thrower so I can get through the winter without ever having to lift a shovel.
I did do something I’ve been trying to do for days though – spoke with my friend, Christopher, and was on the phone for about two hours. I’d feel like a girl if I saw him more often but as I don’t – I’m fine with it.
I think I am avoiding trying to read Paradise lost during the normal waking hours and working on my own longer poems as well.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving where we celebrate the raping and pillaging of the culture of those people who happened to discover America before we did – those bastards, how dare they find something first and colonize it.
We’ll be having chicken and pumpkin pie – without pumpkin pie I don’t think I could get behind this so called celebration of attempted total genocide. Add pumpkin pie though, and I would lead my own brother to the gallows.


3 Comments to “11/24/2010 ramble”

  1. your pumpkin pie is my gravy…

    It seems like a lot of work to live where you do. Somewhere with seasons. Sometimes I have to throw away a palm frond, but that's about it…
    I'm sure folks who are used to the four seasons might find it boring here.

  2. From here, I can only imagine the winter setting in out there, and the work that must go in into clearing the snow out.

    The first time I'm learning of the 'snow thrower'.

  3. I can speak with authority that there is nothing boring about constant, near-perfect, weather. After 5 years in San Diego, and then moving back to Chicago, I'd gladly trade frozen death for warm sunshine.

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