by jhon baker

Rain poured this morning so I stayed in bed until after noon. Sitting now at a local shop (okay, it’s a Starbucks) and it started raining hard again. How did I know this? it was not looking out the window or seeing the bright lightening flashes but the sudden increase in pain in my leg. The chunk of metal astc as some kind fucking antenna for weather changes and sudden ones are the most painful.
Waiting for someone to appear here and in the meantime looking like one of those writers with their MacBook open writing all alone, against the world.

I’ve nothing to write about right now other than right now. There is no-one interesting here and my new friend has yet to show up. It is raining so hard I hope he has a ride but I don’t know as  I can’t really say I know him all that well yet.

had rain outside the local coffee shop

bad art, pale blue walls
children left alone in
the vestibule, waiting
for their mother to bring
the car round

 – Hoc Scripsi

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  1. a few years ago, you hardly ever saw kids in Starbucks. One of my girls works there and she says there are lots of moms who bring their YOUNG kids in everyday after to school for a 5 dollar drink…Geeze! A different childhood than we knew…

  2. yes, a far more fattening one! Starbucks is one of the worst offenders in the battle of childhood obesity, there is little there that isn't horrible for you when taken away from proper moderation. I noticed this trend when I managed for them years ago.
    I hadn't really finished this post – I was writing it while waiting for a new friend, Troy, and simply stopped when he arrived not getting back to it until a few minutes ago when I decided to just post it where it was.

  3. As a kid i would be lucky to get a cup of coffee with cream, much less a fancy, store bought drink (true, no Starbucks then)
    My kids can get Starbucks, if they buy it..this old girl ain't doing it..
    and why does rain draw attention to our aches as if it's on sonar?

  4. The Starbucks here are always packed with kids and prams. Yoy have to dodge them to order your drink.

  5. Chronic Pain is affected by preasure. When the preasure changes outside our sensitivities pick it up. As if having pain wasn't bad enough..

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