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June 25, 2010


by jhon baker

I like to throw this poem out there every now and then – not only because this blog is named because of it.

the platitudes of willful resemblances

some things have a harder time changing than others.
sleep comes hard,
now we recognize, 
meds and allergy pills, a
little beer and hopefully soon to sleep
and dream along the platitudes
of willful resemblances.

 – Hoc Scripsi

juggling plastic butter knives and listening to Philip Glass – I’m sure neither is allowed on an airplane if only for their murderous properties. Now as I sit and read at night I will have to worry about extreme rendition performed at the hands of the CIA or the Homeland Security administration all for giving the idea that plastic knives and Philip Glass can be used for such devious things as brutality and terror.

Lately I’ve remembered a poem by Emily D. that I once memorized and can recall still. ‘”He scanned it” – one of the 1700 or so poems she had written and not thrown away. This must be in the top of my all time favorite poems and not just for its lyrical beauty or simplicity.

the mind often amazes me with what it chooses to recall at any given time and thrust forth into the openings of self for realization.

I switch to Beethoven as I do not want to injure myself.

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