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June 6, 2010

is seven am to early to drink?

by jhon baker

tempted this morning to put Kahlua in my coffee for no reason other than the taste or change of pace.
Our life is not a movie but there is still sex on page sixty.
I stretched and kneaded yesterdays post into a sort of poem thing so that will amend. It’s not very good or is it? I can never tell when they are still so new. (this is not begging for praise though I am not above that.)
at whole foods yesterday I satiated my taste for chocolate covered espresso beans and my six year old wanted to see me indulge again this morning (a young voyeur). While this is not Kahlua or vodka it will certainly get me going as I am no longer satiate in regard to these.

 completely unrelated but I really liked this photograph.

The Buddha resides in my front garden, never complaining when people honk their horns or smoke cigarettes too close to his kata scarf.

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