RIP Louise Bourgeois

by jhon baker

Louise Bourgeois dies and the art world loses another hero.

The loss is entirely ours as she lived 98+ years and beheld the admiration of her peers for three decades. A good life.
thus far those who have died in this recent display of death’s power lived good lives, long lives (except Coleman who had health issues from a young age). A few did so many drugs and drank to an excess that it was a miracle they lived as long as they did, I’m sure they would agree. But now I am waiting for the other proverbial shoe (apologies for the cliche) to be let go.


2 Comments to “RIP Louise Bourgeois”

  1. Every day, it seems like another name. Near the end of the Oscar and Grammy shows each year they show a collage of people who have died in the past year. that part always hits me like a mack truck…I know none of us is getting out of here alive, but still…

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