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February 13, 2012

expanded abstract from reply to a comment

by jhon baker

I’m doing better now but still waiting for that creative energy that I normally posses. Lately I am finding most of my comfort in Kurt Vonnegut novels and such. I think I’ve written four poems so far this year and battling with the medications and things keep changing color… Coffee tastes good and Sunday was a day spent at home except for the lunch date with my son at a Buffalo wings joint.  I spent most of the waking day with KV and meant to get down to my writing room and sit there until I wrote something – anything.

I spent most of the resting day with K.
I’ve kept up my end on letters and think maybe I need to add a few more penpals as some I’ve had have stopped writing back. Those of you still getting letters do not fall into this category. I would limit myself to about 11 people to write back and forth with and right now there are three. To apply e-mail me or leave a comment and I can get back to you with my address.

There is utter silliness on the television and movies made by people who get their ideas from five year old children without any imagination which is infinitely worse than an adult script writer and director without any imagination.

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