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March 14, 2012


by jhon baker

and I look and think – I have not been so lazy but distracted by depression and various ideations which has led to some poetry and other rambling thoughts. This year has been a low of the past several where I have had little published and little written – even a rejection of what may be my best poem – alas! am I not a poet? am I only pretending? Is this ultramarine coloring my beard all in vain? no, I forget how subjective this field is and the whims and moods of a reader are as important as the whims and moods of the writer – or nearly so.
I hold no grudge.

I write anyway.

I am compelled by the narrator. the genius in the corner. the voice of the winds. or it could be the mania.


I prefer an easterly sun


I prefer an easterly sun before I go to bed.

I prefer a smashed finger before a project is finished.

I prefer coffee hot.

I prefer sex sweaty.

I prefer a major fourth under a sharp sixth.

I prefer to lie on my back in the gutter, looking out to the stars.




Ursa minor


these are things of dreams and sailor visions


– Hoc Scripsi


May 4, 2011

quatro de mayo

by jhon baker

excessively well medicated right now and should be falling over asleep or sleep blogging but certainly not awake.

correction to yesterdays post about flying – it was four planes in 48 hours – 47 to be more precise. knocks the hell out of a person when it is not an accustomed commute.

eyes open and hearing the doors swing, footsteps and almost out of cigarettes – they never think of the mentally aberrant when they tax the hell out of cigarettes, or they think were too crazy to make rational decisions in which case they price them out of reach.

there’s a little girl in the hall and I never know what to make of her.

I’ve smoked one brand my entire smoking career and now find myself switching to a slightly more expensive and slightly more imported brand. Nicer packaging and easier to store cartons.

This is hardly a reason to continue smoking.

a razors blade. one of the hands on my watch fell off, tumbling around behind the crystal attempting the clockwork.

May 3, 2011

ah, I have a follower

by jhon baker

Pleased to meet you here, what is a beautiful young lady like yourself doing hanging out in a place like this?

– hold on while I go slightly insane.

early morning and have yet to get enough sleep – still recovering from loss and jet lag – four planes in three days. Sounds like a lot when you put it that way – we were only going one way but had to have a layover, well, you follower know this – you were there – suffering the blight that is air travel. I was searched, as always, and put a pleasant expression on my face as I was being felt up by old men while thinking¬† – it must be the beard. But that wouldn’t explain why I always get searched – even as a child going to Disney World before I was perceived as a terrorist in the eyes of a beard hating public and Will Ferrell. This is why I stopped carrying my Mala – too many questions and looks, since my imagination is good I can perceive always having one.

WHile we are on terrorism – I fear Osama’s replacements zealousness more than I feared Osama.

Peace be upon all Muslims as I am sure they are getting more hell right now.

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