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March 9, 2020

used ideas

by jhon baker
November 1, 2010

preface to the week

by jhon baker

Leaving soon for Florida – Disney world to  be more specific. Celebrating my boy’s seventh birthday. The last time I was there, when I was about 12ish, there was a sunscreen incident and my brother and I got second degree sunburn – this was the second day. That night we ate at the Mickey Mouse Buffet where M.M. gave me a great big hug – after I stopped screaming and crying my memory fades away. I am hoping that better memories are created this time.
I should be able to post while there depending on how tired I am and the amount of pain my leg decided to make me endure. I am hoping that a change of scenery will inspire a few poems out of me that aren’t about six foot tall mice and Disney pretty princesses. Disney pretty is not my pretty – Disney beautiful is not my beautiful – is there such a thing  as Disney sexy? They do make or subsidize porn films don’t they? Maybe my wife and I will happen across an adult bar wherein we get smashed and fuck in the bathroom, that will be Disney sexy.

I once wrote a poem called “sexy to me” – I don’t like it now but I should find it and place here a few excerpts for you laughter and comedic enjoyment – not that it was meant to be funny but that it probably is in retrospect.

sexy to me is sunday morning
reading the funnies
hair messed in a bathrobe
drinking fresh coffee
before the children wake up.

sexy to me is dancing the tango
in the kitchen
while making dinner or
after doing the dishes
elbow deep in hot sudsy water.

sexy to me is skillfully touched
with fingers, a somewhat
gradual fragility
like lace or satin
or the efforts of a silk worm.

that isn’t from the original bad poem and is just a sketch that still may be badly written – I’ll let you judge and later, I will as well when I sit down to really write it up.
I reread the original and it sucks beyond comprehension. I would like to obliterate all my former writings while I was learning but then I wouldn’t have learned anything. I would like to erase all of them from the WWW and publications so they could no longer be connected to me in anyway. Fortunately I wrote under a pen name.

last thought before I smoke my last cigarette for the night and go to bed awaiting the five am limo call – If I don’t get to reading your blogs – I will play the apologist now and try to catch up in a week. If I die in the meantime know that I’ve loved life, my wife, child and the few words I’ve managed to scrawl out if any of them are worth a damn. Not that I think I am not going to make it back – but you never do know – unless you do and hey, bully for you.

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