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July 3, 2010

premature ejaculation

by jhon baker

firecrackers, bottle rockets and gunfire.
July 3rd premature ejaculation punctuating
already poor sleeping summer night.

roman candles blue center light sizzling
like so many horribly dangerous sparklers
blinding and burning.

mortars shake the house and

dozens of fingers and hands sacrificed
at the alter of popular patriotism.

May 21, 2010

It’s friday and what do I want to say?

by jhon baker

There are still wars being fought. I think a lot of us have forgotten somehow. I am anti-war and a practitioner of non-violence. Yes, I have a fine collection of guns and I love to shoot them, I never said I was a liberal or a conservative. Simply I never said. But today I think of war – our wars, Obama’s wars, they were Cowboy’s but now they are Obama’s.
Maybe we should reach out and shake up a few people and remind them that our people are being killed and that our people are killing their people. two peoples fighting one another for kings that have some disagreement. I think we ought to bring back fist fighting as a way to solve the conflicts. Less death this way.
War. War. War. Why did we stop having our leaders lead the troops into battle?

Thought tonight on War Consciousness

It’s War,
do you accept
without question
what do you offer
your children

do you accept
without agenda
offer prayers
market share
It’s War.

do you accept
indispensable propaganda
it’s war,
do you accept.
without question
without agenda
this that we offer
can only be as now here
do you accept

without question.

 – Hoc Scripsi

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