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March 16, 2010

Todd Moore

by jhon baker

At this, my heart breaks.

Todd Moore – Outlaw Poet 1937 – 2010

Thank you for the words, thank you for the poetic guidance.

going home,
    going home.

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March 7, 2010

RIP Mark Linkous

by jhon baker


go here.

why do only the brightest/the genius have this sort of Chaos reign in their heart/head.
May the pain be past, may the chaos be calmed. May your family, friends find peace.

          – For those Hors de Combat

not a man, but
      a boy.  perhaps
next to open windows where
birds come to sing, where
wind & breeze comes to play;
in loose curtains where moon
lies gently tickling the arms
of youth and kissing the forehead
of prayer.

here, the faces of clocks tell no hour.
here, our eyes & lips have no looks.
here, the silence of childhood exists.
here, those cloths are at your feet
and not dreams.

– I wrote this

a flood of tears for Mark Linkous.

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