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March 6, 2011

as of May 21st – this will no longer matter

by jhon baker

not that it is of great import now either, but it seemed important at the time.

I’ve lost count how many “end of the world” scenarios I’ve lived through so far, I can only be sorry for the ones I’d missed due to the year of my birth – it could have been more possibly. From memory most have been from 1988 to 2012 – obviously I have yet to survive the Mayan end (didn’t that culture already end?) and am looking forward to the May, 21st 2011 Rapture where everybody I know will wake up on the 22nd – and the real party can begin.

I wish to publicly congratulate Lynne Hayes on her editor ship of Bicycle Review – I’ve been known to use connections before…

Also, there is a new cat around my house – a kitten in fact, five months old, cautious and loving, the other cats are keeping their distance for the most part and the kitten hisses more then the established – I think it will only take a few more days and they will all tolerate each other publicly and love one another privately. 
Now we have – Mingus, Ellie and Billie – a Jazz trio. We use to have Miles but he got ornery and didn’t want to play in the band anymore. We still miss him dearly.

last thought for the day…

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dazed and tripping backward
blood pouring from my nose
tears bursting from my eyes.
it’s not the first time I’ve had my nose broken
but it never feels the same,
it is always unexpected;
and no-one ever remembers a broken nose
or the stains left on the street and
your street clothes.
and the pretty face
my mother loved
is never
to be
 – Hoc Scripsi
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