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December 23, 2011


by jhon baker

Hanging out in hospitals was never my idea of a good time – no matter who was being detained no matter what purpose. I would have preferred my child be born at home than have hung out in the hospital for that but it is even worse when there is everything in the air.
My MIL made through the procedure in fine style and is making it through another right now in fine style and hopefully she will be coming home to us tonight where she’ll be living in the office on our pull out bed for at least a few days up to about six weeks. Every morning we will have to bring her back to the hospital for IV antibiotics for six weeks, hour and a half each day and three times a week we will be visited by a wound care nurse to tend her surgical entry sites. The world being considered it seems as the sun smiled on her once again but even this seems so, I don’t want to say unfair but… unfair to this sweet woman who did nothing in life but love children and now dedicates her life to her grandson. Life has dealt her many bad hands and she keeps holding for another day, another deal though I know there are many days that the desire wanes while the cards stack anyway.
Even the nurses believe her to be the sweetest person they’ve ever met.

Edit: I never finished this post…

I had intended on adding how hard this is on my wife, who is the strongest woman I’ve ever known – even in her moments of weakness she is stronger than she should ever have to be. I am thankful everyday that I have her, thankful everyday for all that she has given to me. She makes me believe that there is indeed beauty in this world.

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