I used to be a spiritual guide…

by jhon baker

a comment of mine from a blog entry that dealt with whether or not it is proper for a person who makes a living teaching health and mental balance through yoga or transcendental thinking….

I think it is all contextual. Once we parse out why we do things, anything, we can see the behavior in it’s correct light and take the appropriate action. A drink or two after a particularly stressful day is not poisoning your body or mind but utilizing a tool available at your disposal. Utilizing this same tool frequently or justifying it by creatively making everyday a difficult one probably isn’t in the nature of a spiritual or well-being guide, and is poisoning your mind. To believe both situations are apples to apples is to reveal ignorance and an askance aspect of motivation and balance. The middle way is not best achieved by alining ourselves with notions of rightness or wrongness, pointing out the faults or excusing the faults of others, but living and practicing in a way that allows ourselves to break free from these same notions which are given to us from external sources and not a product of our true mind.

I just sort of spit it out but thought it interesting enough – I may well be a Buddhist but I have never claimed to be any good at it.


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