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January 2, 2014

January Second

by jhon baker

I miss being a regular smoker but the cost is simply too high – in dollars and lungs.

I didn’t post yesterday – the first first I’ve missed in a few years.

I had nothing to add to last years first – reference that if you like.

In trying to put together a coherent collection of poems for a possible book I’ve found it harder than anticipated.

In polishing the language of a non-native speaker in book form I’ve found that harder than anticipated as well.

I should be busy but I am not.

Playing trumpet takes little time per day but a lot of energy.

Constant and chronic pain takes the most energy.

as does fighting the mental crash I see coming.

The coffee is cooling too quickly and I find myself refilling more often for heat.

I have flowers dying on the kitchen table – in yellow hues turning brown – in whites turning yellow.



November 7, 2011


by jhon baker

Scribd, as introduced to me by my friend and publisher, Lynne Hayes, is quite the cool tool and has garnered me a few new readers. I’m loving it.

Anyway, here are a few links to there if you were at all interested.

for Micael…

the artist dreams of nightsong…


gypsy bars…

hands on the hips….

All but one of those are available for free download and I strongly encourage you to download them, print them out and possibly hand a few out to a few people – or any of them can be obtained through me for the cost of shipping and they will then be signed except for hands on the hips – for that go to the page in print/for sale. FYI – the artist dreams of nightsong is best printed on a legal size page.

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