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July 28, 2015

So Here I Am

by jhon baker

I am a man of chronic conditions

and if you bless me I’ll say thanks

but that’s all


no one renders the image well

and while the coffee is hot

the outside is almost hotter


and I eat a pinkish apple

drink bottled water

and stare at your walls


sugarless scenarios

contemplating my next tattoo

I am a spiritual guide


wearing a gun and a leatherman

ready for anything

I’m ready for you


– Hoc Scripsi

June 17, 2010

by jhon baker

During Breakfast I discover that New Zealand grows some pretty terrific apples.
it’s taste is as there were thousands of tiny dancers on my tongue all exploding in champagne bliss.
The New Zealand Fuji certified organic must be the gift of gods to man in terms of gifts of apples and as far as that can go to curry our favor.

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