beautiful day

by jhon baker


Sitting on the back porch for the second time this year and today the weather isn’t necessitating my normal hoodie. Coffee, cigarettes and my wife in and out cooking dinner while the boy practices his instruments. I didn’t ride today and should have but was too shaken by my car deciding to accelerate by itself and smashing into another vehicle. No injuries, no damage – just an unsafe car which has found its way, by tow truck, back to the dealer where they will find nothing wrong. My electrical lemon. It is time to rid myself of this car and go with something used with a bed or nothing at all and rely on my cycle to get me around.

I need a cathartic experience

something beyond the rapture

of the faithful.

Time passes without thought and I am still here – now sitting in the dark and typing by touch alone. At least there are my glasses and the wildlife which makes noise out of range of sight to let me know I am not alone.

The asshole neighbor yells at the feral cats like they can understand his anger at having cats as wild animals in addition to the plethora of other wildlife in the area. We need to protect our garbage cans from all sorts of creatures – possibly including the asshole neighbor.

Past my sons bedtime and it is my turn to read to him, cuddle close and enjoy it while he is still just young enough to want it. nearly too old for the closeness of his parents. This depresses me immensely as I think it does his mother. And there will be no more.

“five dogs went into the wildreness

only three came back

two died of guinea worm

and one died of you

Jack Kerouac”  – Hunter Thompson

We want our children to be sensitive to poetry but not become poets. My son is a musician and I’m not sure if that’s better. But his talent surpasses mine and anyone I know – I light another cigarette – so he can teach, perform, become famous or whatever he wants – he can be the most musically talented garbage man –

garbage men are the real poets anyway.

and my fucking car won’t work.

– Me


2 Comments to “beautiful day”

  1. I know I’ve said to you before, but even when you feel that you’re not writing anything of substance, you really are. This post is no exception. Everyday things, written about beautifully.

    Still having car trouble? That sucks. I’m not sure how good your state’s Lemon Law is, but maybe it’s worth a try.
    I think your stance on what your son does is a smart one. Too many people spend too much time force feeding their kids things to make them successful materially. Too bad they don’t spend much time teaching them and exposing them to things that really matter. I tried really hard to expose my kids (5 of them) to art, reading, poetry and music. I’m not saying I was successful in all cases, but three of the five still read like they are about to go blind and also write a lot. Interesting that they ended up being more well balanced and working at what they love, than the other two. As parents, we do our best and hope it was enough.

    • I cannot thank you enough, I have trouble believing in what I create at times and it is great to know that the efforts are coming across – it’s rewarding. I’m sure you are a great father – I hope to continue earning my “Worlds Best Dad” T-shirt and coffee mug. That, most of all, is what I live for now.

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