by jhon baker

Written in response to being told only life has meaning through Jesus Christ:

Each of us, in life, affects another being and usually a large set of beings – beings we know personally and beings we do not know at all – through direct action we have this effect and through indirect action we have an even greater one. Our names may not live on forever but our actions will. So, to say that my life is meaningless because I think this life is it, or I don’t believe in an afterlife or a god, most likely is going to be meaningless to me because you simply aren’t paying attention to anything other than your personal world view.

Imaginary beings need not apply.

8 Comments to “meaninglessness”

  1. Clue: life has no meaning even with a belief in a deity. That meaning is only percieved by those deluded into beliving in a deity. There is NO objective meaning to life. That that claim life has meaning really have not thought it through.

    • Well, I guess there is no arguing with you, is there? Wait…. nope – you don’t really get to be condescending and an idiot at the same time – at least not here. So, get a clue about what I wrote and think it through a little more and you may find I left out certain words purposely, admitted others and was careful about what I wrote as where you were not. And for the ad hominem: learn to fucking type.

  2. HAHAHA, awesome.
    Actually, I can be condescending and an idiot prety much anytime 24/7… sometims I have truble and end up making sense. I wasn’t speeking about you, but agreing with you … more or less. Typing can be an issue in a small coment box… oops. Ad hominem? Perhaps I’m just being an idiot but I don’t see where I inserted one?

    • The Ad Hominem was completely mine and I was just pointing out that I was about to be a jackass. It is true that there is no objective meaning to life and this doesn’t mean that life has no meaning – as humans we have the privilege of ascribing meaning to our lives as we see fit – at least this is my thought about it. Before you edited the original comment – there was a link to your blog, I believe it was on point – you should feel free to post up that link.

  3. Excellent observation.
    Thanks for popping over to “Elucidations..
    We love to see new faces.

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