Fourth of July! or for the rest of the world – Happy Thursday!

by jhon baker

I’ve posted this before but thought I would post it again. May all your fingers stay attached and no one go blind today – but if you have an unfortunate accident – please forward your photos to me as I need entertainment. I should have posted this yesterday but it’ll have to do.


premature ejaculation

firecrackers, bottle rockets and gunfire.
July 3rd premature ejaculation punctuating
already poor sleeping summer night.

roman candles blue center light sizzling
like so many horribly dangerous sparklers
blinding and burning.

mortars shake the house and

dozens of fingers and hands sacrificed
at the alter of popular patriotism.

– Hoc Scripsi

2 Comments to “Fourth of July! or for the rest of the world – Happy Thursday!”

  1. Whatever happened to “have a safe and sane fourth!”
    Some kids two streets down the hill from us were shooting off rockets and lighting off M-80’s. It was scaring the crap out of our cats. They stopped really quickly (we thought) and soon after we heard sirens of what we thought was going to be cops (we live in a high fire danger area and zero fireworks are allowed), but it was the paramedics instead. We saw them turn onto their street. I have to admit, I was kind of happy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to lose an eye or anything like that, but if it only cost those inconsiderate bastards a finger or two as an object lesson, then I’m good with it.

    Nice poem for the fourth Jhon!

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