I suppose

by jhon baker

I suppose that I ought to post something. I don’t have much to say. So, this may well be short or a ramble or a short ramble or something about god.

I am an atheist. I know some of my Christian followers will stop following now and are offended at the very thought. But there it is. I am an atheist and have been most of my life. Do not pray for me – if you are going to waste your time do it on something that will at least make you feel better. So, a few questions answered:

1. If you are an atheist, why do you write about god, Judas and the like?

Well, regardless of the veracity of the belief – it is a powerful subject that evokes powerful imagery in the reader. Also, I write a lot about mythology as popular mythology is a subject that sustains my interest when a lot of other subjects do not. Modern religion is nothing other than modern popular mythology. Lastly, all subjects are fair game for the writer and the writer is not always the narrator of the poem – not even as often as you might think.

2. If you don’t believe in god where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything else. Well, that isn’t accurate – I find inspiration in everything up to and including modern mythology as noted above. Most of my inspiration comes from the observation of life as I see it and experience it.

3. without god as a part of your personal experience isn’t your life and therefore poetry devoid of deep meaning?

I find more meaning and mystery and wonder of life without all the answers – with all the answers everything just stops doesn’t it – or at least this is the way it seems to me. Believing in some god provides the answers for everything and the conversation seems to stop right there, there is no mystery and wonder left for science or poetry.

I’ll take other questions in the comments and probably make another post with those.

8 Comments to “I suppose”

  1. I believe in God, but struggle a bit with religion. I also believe each person has his own journey, and thus belief system unto him/her self.

    I do wonder if you believe in the spirit and how it differs from God. No judgment, just curious.

    Rafa (over from Lizard Happy…curiosity and the cat; ya know)

    • Thank you for finding my blog – it was quite nice of Lizard Happy to invite us all to pimp ourselves in her comments – I have a lot of reading to do still to fulfill my part of the bargain.
      For you to say that you believe in god but struggle with religion is a brave thing – it makes me immediately jump to the conclusion that you are a compassionate, rational, thinking, loving being. God may well be the answer (who really knows?) but religion is not.
      To answer your question about the spirit – I believe that the spirit is a non starter – in other words I don’t believe that we have such a thing that survives death. Energy doesn’t die – it only changes form so as where this survives our death I do not believe that it carries with it any semblance of who we were. I do puzzle over the idea of a soul – I think our soul has yet to be understood at the level of the brain but I think that someday it will be, I do not think it is separate from our consciousness. The utter mystery of the brain amazes me – humbles me – when I think of what we know and what we don’t – the brain seems pretty important to figure out and there are people working on it but maybe not enough.

  2. I am not sure what I believe at times, but I am not a big fan of churches and organised religion.
    I respect other for their beliefs but prefer not to have them forced on me

    • with that I mean the door knockers and those who will not accept my right to my own beliefs. I really enjoyed and related to your answering of those questions

      • Religion or a system of beliefs should never be forced upon anyone – especially children before they reach the age of reason. I also can’t stand the door knockers or anyone telling me that I am going to some hell (which from my belief means nothing except that they want to see me burn for an eternity – I get told this a lot). Religion is a personal matter and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone to lose their faith – that’s not my bag so to speak. I do think that if there is a god, organized religion is a sure way to not reach said god, everybody (in organized religion) has a handle on that “truth” and sincerely believe that everyone else has it wrong – this is no way to reach a being that you couldn’t possibly have a proper conception of. Of course in saying the above I have to admit that I also believe most everybody has it wrong and I am being hypocritical. Thank you for the compliment – I tried to answer from my heart and not denigrate anyone – from the comments here and on facebook I think I must have accomplished that.

  3. “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad… that’s my religion.”

    Although this quote is attributed to Abraham Lincoln, nobody seems to know if he really said it. Whoever said it pretty much hit the base issue right on the head for me.

  4. I wanted to thank you for this good read!! I absolutely loved every bit of it.

    I have got you book marked to look at new stuff you post…

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