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February 10, 2013

mundane details of a life – part one

by jhon baker

I was sick one day last week

but by the morning I felt fine

from puking to nearly running a marathon

in twelve hours – a new record


I watched television earlier

and could not tell you what was on

for as much as I was paying attention

but I ate a peanut butter and jelly for lunch

then pie – cherry pie with ice cream

and by one o’clock was back to this.


I left the house four times this previous week

all for other people and as for myself

I am staying home today

while the wife is ill and naps

and the boy practices his guitar

and dances.


I have a short leg and therefore

wear a prosthetic lift

and I limp

which adds to my menace.


– hoc scripsi

February 8, 2013

untitled dream #3

by jhon baker

untitled dream #3


we are west sixty-six revisited

we are bound

bordered between psychiatry and madness

and we celebrate in ceremony

counting one to four,

four to one.


in the arena of dreaming

a precipice with feet teetering

don’t look back!

playing Aeolian harp

singing our __________.


keep it simple, Orpheo.

don’t look back.

a love lost within scope of wandering

and vanished.

itself playing on bent shaft

itself a white lily

itself a love under guise

itself a nuclear proliferation.


– Hoc Scripsi

February 5, 2013

untitled dream #2

by jhon baker

untitled dream #2, 2012


I was a wretch!

hit bottom when I refused to write this

no-more sentimental waste

(my brain isn’t big enough for this mythology)



in dream I live by the ocean

walking steadily on sands, shells

under stars, moon, visible planets

(all performing before my singular audience)



theme and variation on familiar interlude

treated to kitchen knives chopping boards

pieces abandoned and the night sky a deepest blue

(two typewriters humming and I am distracted)



struggle on step one, try not to wake

cacophonous malaise, the dream soundtrack

my admissions are deluded, so said

(Beethoven Sonata, NO. 23, underlay screaming)



I weep when I look upon Guernica

taste blood, harbor resentment at such brutality

turn away to self portraits and the ego

(clever deflection, tears, anger, id)



weep weep when I look upon sunrise

held in fraternal homosexual admiration

singing! singing, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

(song of penance)



– Hoc Scripsi

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