everyone needs a roux

by jhon baker

You need a Roux… and you need one bad.


My Roux? you may ask?



How to get your Roux:

go to: http://www.roux4u.com/

look at some other ones then click on “buy now”

enter what you want your Roux to do and pay the low price of just shy a ten spot. within a week you’ll have your own to brag about!



If this sounds like a sales pitch – it isn’t or it is, I could not care less about how it sounds – just get your own Roux and you’ll be happy that you did. – me.


2 Comments to “everyone needs a roux”

  1. He is just so damn cute.. love your Roux.. oh, love mine more!!!

  2. I have a Roux, and now a family of Roux (Rouxs?) I do love your Roux muchly too.

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