by jhon baker

I’m tired as the subject heading indicated.

There is no reason for this – I am getting more sleep than I’ve ever gotten before in my life.

I’ve not been writing or painting or drawing; obviously not posting… I think I am willing to tell this month to fuck off and sleep though its entirety if not for my few responsibilities. I didn’t get that greatest dad in the world t-shirt for nothing you see.

There isn’t a light house in my backyard but I am willing to review proposals.


I wrote this about two weeks ago but thought to publish it now –

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3 Comments to “tired”

  1. Well it’s two weeks later and I hope that beacon from the invisible lighthouse is steering you towards where you are needed (& need to be)

    There are times when sleep is necessary…when you wake up those closest to you will have a kind word..

  2. I’m at the other end of the spectrum right now. I seem to need very little sleep, but I’m still not getting anything done. Everything in cycles. Before you know it, you’ll be full of energy. Hang in there Jhon…

    • I’m doing better now but still waiting for that creative energy that I normally posses. Lately I am finding most of my comfort in Kurt Vonnegut novels and such. I think I’ve written four poems so far this year and battling with the medications and things keep changing color… Anyway, this should be its own post.

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