easy love –

by jhon baker

for Kara


my love

my wife

eleven years and more


we keep the lawn trimmed

without concern

weeds grow in the flower garden

and we

still without concern


dishes pile in the sink

and coffee spills on the linoleum

but no concern


we love

in love

no concern


easy love

beautiful love

no concern


– Hoc Scripsi


Kara, my baby, my love,

I miss you so much that my heart beats irregular.

my body feels wrapped in plastic.

I long and in longing feel misplaced.

every moment away I realize our love immeasurable.

– your melancholy man

4 Comments to “easy love –”

  1. Hey Jhon! Really nice. Comfortable love is the best love.
    Every once in a while, I read one of your poems and hear them like they were song lyrics. Do you ever write stuff that is intended to be lyrics?

  2. I love this declaration of love.. I hope Kara truly understands how blessed she is to be so love, adored and connected..

    beautiful poem Jhon..

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