from the vaults

by jhon baker

thoughts on midnight and the secret hero in 8 versions




piles of unpublished poetry

and I feel like Emily D.

except there is no song to these



most of the verse written years

ago in a 3rd floor walk-up

an hour out from Chicago

when there was less between us

and moments were ours

without our knowledge or

at least without yours



if this world was my will

or my idea – this

wouldn’t exist

and maybe never get written


even at 124 MPH across Colorado

before Denver



these aren’t poems

nor one o’clock moments

of clarity

they are sleepless induced

narcotic psychotropic



I casually wish I still drank



right now

time is passing

but not without memory

and as I cannot say it is painful

you cannot call it hospitable either



secret hero of my poetry

where have you gone

what have you been thinking


I cannot question now

as I cannot cope with the answer




some kind of monster

and I cannot even look in the mirror

around corners

or close my eyes



this is not a poor film

tho we all wish it were


–        10/21/2008 nearing 1 am

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One Comment to “from the vaults”

  1. Verse’s 5 & 6 have me feeling quite sad..
    i truly like the way this is written..short bursts of different thought that you wrap up so well.

    i see we have similar thoughts..

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