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October 5, 2011


by jhon baker

I’m an advocate for Lazarus and because of this I have to stop and question the wisdom of Jesus on his actions. At what point did Laz ask to be raised up, like he was. Who would choose this life?


It’s mental health awareness week – you can tell can’t you.


Didn’t Mary ever teach Jesus to ask before just going ahead and fucking with peoples lives or death?


there is a small animal staring at me from about 10 feet away. It looks like a red fox and it is right outside my requirement room near a book shelf that contains our board games. I think it’s fucking with me.


I am aware of mental health. I am also aware of mental unhealth. Mostly I am aware that once I went insane it was blissful (sometimes painful) with periods of awful, glaring stability in-between phases.

that may be an EAP misquote – it’s early and I haven’t been able to sleep but smoke and play some guitar.


K wished me a happy mental awareness week and we both had a good laugh.


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