by jhon baker

Holiday Inn


lights steady, turned on

at next doors busy restaurant

making midnight an artificial dawn


transients sleeping or trying

back turned while

we, looking out hotel window,

eyes wide

in uncomfortable bed

used by thousands.


N.C. 4-30-2011


–  Hoc Scripsi

4 Comments to “NC”

  1. I’ve gone sleepless just thinking about it…


  2. as much as i love to travel, i must admit to not being able to walk barefoot in hotels and it’s the spread that is worrisome to me..

  3. A touch of reality. It’s really good and it’s so true.
    I’ve been both the weary traveler in the hotel and the shady looking guy trying to catch a few winks in a crummy all night cafe.
    Hope you are doing well Jhon…

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