poem – September, eleven in the year of our lord 2001

by jhon baker

depending on who you ask

150,000 – 165,000 deaths on Sept, 11 2001

less than 10,000 by violent hands.


a mother watches her child dying

wont of only gardened food or grains stocked and rotting in US silos

A husband watches his wife, unable to cope or help

or feed or clothe

wont of only a medicine produced in mass but patented

a brother holds a brother…

a sister holds a sister…

they group together for warmth or shade from an unforgiving sun

all 150-165,000 of them are sons and daughters

brother and sisters

in time, space


50,000 under 5 years never knowing their first love


-Hoc Scripsi



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4 Comments to “poem – September, eleven in the year of our lord 2001”

  1. Moving and true. Thank you, Jhon.

  2. sober truth and from where i stand lately, poignant and utterly disturbing.

    yet humanity seems to be right where it belongs in the big timeline. there is always shit going down somewhere, always has been always will be, I am endlessly happy to be here for whatever time I am allotted… wondering if I will ever understand the human condition. Probably not. But the birds and the fish on this planet are really cool… uuuooops, sorry.. getting all rambly

    🙂 your poem 🙂

  3. Your words are as powerful as the grim reality. Write on!

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