and from another conversation entirely…

by jhon baker

I have always said that men should keep their shirts on while in public, almost no matter how they look but some consciousness about ones body goes a long way. I have countered this with women ought to go round shirtless more often as it isn’t nearly as offensive to the eyes but quite the opposite, the woman has a body beautiful in all shapes and the world would be a far lovelier place should it be unencumbered from the strictures of modern ugly morality.

(killing the link as I don’t believe they need the help. and besides, this is a poetry site not a pulp fiction site even if it involves breasts.)

I’d vanish the photo as well but there are comments now that refer to the naked book club

2 Comments to “and from another conversation entirely…”

  1. I’m all for body expression, bouncing boobies are always welcome. I’d sure as hell sport em if I had a pair

  2. The “book club” part of this seems like total bull shit to me. It would be more credible if they didn’t all look like they were auditioning for playboy.

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