by jhon baker

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, I’ve been a bad poet, I’ve been in a fuck ton of pain and cannot function physically or mentally lately.

I cannot apologize for my disabilities –

I’ve added a link to the right which you must copy and put in your browser and do what is right.

So my posting today has a lot to do with pleading for help for another.

so here is a poem.





I’ve never fallen to my knees
and prayed to God;
tumbling on loose cobblestones
in old town squares,
I’ve spilled coffee over my shoes
but not often new ones.

perplexed but not quite daunted
or reversed stretching out at the frailty
and being only man among men,

walk with me,
though I do not walk so much as sway, pitch
or stagger.

walk with me,
though I shall be muted, scarcely
swinging my arms at the sides.

walk with me,
though hell I walk, ancient seraphim
in ash and agony.

walk with me,
though hell is too wide for eidetic

–       hoc scripsi


Published: Bicycle Review April 15th 2011

2 Comments to “posting”

  1. I remember this …you have this gifted way of writing the most un-obvious scenarios in a most obvious way.
    i admit to abit of poet envy with you JB…

    you compress so nicely….much enjoyed re-reading these!!

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